Today’s Epiphany

As a result of my self diagnosed case of OCD, I sit here at lunch (chicken sandwich, tater tots, starlight mints) listening to the radio, reading tweets, and checking my blog stats.

Typically when I check on what you’re reading, I’m familiar with the articles which come up on the list. That’s primarily due to the fact the blog was either a) written very recently, or 2) one of my more popular dispatches.

This afternoon, two titles came up which did not fire one single synapse in the confines of my memory as being a component of my blather or a fruit of my imagination.

I started looking through the listing of posts I’ve published and found several of them that held the same condition. I didn’t remember writing them at all.

A few minutes ago, I read one I wrote while sitting at the DMV on my birthday bitching about pickles on the side of anything I order at a eating’ joint. Coincidentally enough, I mentioned the same phenomenon in yesterdays post.

I can only surmise that this means one of two things:

– My dementia is starting to shine through and is now actively blocking my acute memory. In some cases, I hope that’s true.


– I’m just posting whatever’s on my mind on any given day without putting a whole lot of thought into it like I did prior to launching Letters From The Past.

Yeah, I know which one applies here. The key now is to identify a way to post more thoughtful spew on a daily basis than what I’ve been putting out there lately.

Speaking of momentary lapses of thought, I’m now going to go watch Spiderman with Wifey and partake in a willing suspension of disbelief that a genius like Peter Parker could ever use Bing as a search engine.

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