Earth In Peril: New Rotation Could Cause Problems For The Planet

The Earth’s rotation has recently experienced an anomaly in its rotation according to lead scientists with NASA and the US Geological Service.

It’s currently unknown what the long term implications of an irregular rotation could be. A typical Earth day could change from 24 hours to days either shorter or longer than we’re all used to.

In addition, an altered rotation could subsequently have an impact on the orbit of the planet we call home.

Global climate change would be the result. The planet is just the right distance from the sun to keep us from going into an ice age or perpetual heat wave. The implications of the planet rotating and orbiting incorrectly could be devastating.

Given the serious nature of this phenomenon, officials are moving quickly to determine what has caused the change. Even then, scientists don’t know how to correct the issue.

Even though the mystery of a change in Earth’s rotation can be a daunting one to solve, scientists have been able to identify when the change first presented itself.

According to the panel of experts from NASA and the US Geological Service, the planet’s rotation showed signs of irregularity on Thursday, June 28th, at 10:00 am eastern time.

Just in the last week, the panel has also been able to localize the most logical source of the geological disturbances to be in Simi Valley near Los Angeles, California.

20120705-212622.jpgCoincidentally enough, the disturbance has been pinpointed to a location at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library where the late president is buried.

Discussions are currently underway between the panel and the curators of the library in order to obtain permission to examine the grounds with a possible chance for exhumation.

Obviously the thought of exhuming Reagan raises a great deal of questions, however scientists feel that if Earth is to be saved from its new rotation, extreme measures have to be considered in order to confirm the panel’s theory of what’s happening.

That theory revolves around Reagan’s steadfast opposition to socialized medicine, and the fact that the Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s signature legislation on socialized medicine last Thursday. Since the geological disturbances began taking place shortly after the Supreme Court ruling was read, the theory is that the late President is spinning in his grave so forcefully that he’s altered how the planet spins on its axis.

If the theory proves to be true, the process to stop the spinning will be a difficult one. It could very well lead to planet wide devastation and a possible end of the world by mid to late December of this year. Experts in the Mayan calendar are currently being consulted by the panel as well.



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