The Arizona PatDown

Within a matter of hours of SCOTUS handing down the decision that Arizona’s efforts to identify the legal status of suspected aliens during traffic stops was constitutional, the Administration announced that it would suspend program(s) which support that effort.

In essence, the Feds would be very selective in picking up those identified as aliens unless they were wanted for a felony.

Big surprise. Deep down, we all know the White House had this up their sleeve ready to pounce upon a reading of the decision. We can only wonder what else is hiding in the shadows in anticipation of the upcoming ruling on Obamacare this week.

The Administration all along has made it clear that they and they alone will determine what is or is not constitutional and will enforce their version of the law accordingly. It’s strange that such behavior isn’t outlined in the oath of office, but it would seem no one wants to sack up and pursue that issue, even as a discussion point on a news related talk show.

Even still, the premise that the Feds won’t support the individual states in matters of law enforcement presents a new opportunity for the state of Arizona to return the kick to the groin dealt by President today.

Did I mention the groin?

What a good segue into the discussion about TSA pat downs.

As you may or may not know, any effort to defend your privacy and dignity when TSA officials are groping you looking for something else in your undies is reportedly met with threats of arrest and prosecution for assault on a federal officer. There are some of those threats which have actually been carried out as well.

Based on reports I’ve read, the TSA calls local law enforcement to arrest the offender.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

If the Feds won’t help Arizona out with criminals determined to be illegally here, why should the state of Arizona help the Feds abuse the 4th Amendment rights of airline passengers?

Better yet, what if an illegal alien getting on a plane in Phoenix gets his junk TSA handled so aggressively that he makes the slightest of defensive motions in order to limit the pain of the speedbag treatment. The sensitive agent immediately perceives the move to be aggressive and calls for assault charges to be pressed.

At the same time, local law enforcement “can’t be bothered” with something so petty, and opts not to pick up the offender.

So now, you have an illegal alien in federal custody on some trumped up charge. Even if the state of Arizona had picked him up, it would t have been allowed to enforce immigration laws by deporting him.

The Feds cut him loose and let him stay. After all, it’s probably not in the TSA’s job description to get rid of the bad guys.

Two weeks later, the alien goes on a bender and a subsequent drunk driving spree which results in vehicular manslaughter. Now the alien is on the public dollar now as they sit in prison for several years.

But of course, that would never happen. Would it?

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