All The Details & No Call

Lawn mower blade
Weedeater line
Water spigots
Toilet ring
Power steering fluid

Suffice to say, I made a run to the toy store today in order to pick up some necessities requisite for doing some stuff around the domain here.

The law mower blade replacement involves an unfortunate incident involving a teenaged girl mowing the law for the first time. Things were fine until she went over the tree stump in hopes of leveling it out.


Strangely enough I spent time outside today *in the sun, mind you*, and I avoided getting a burn. Frankly, I was pretty surprised to see a light tan rear it’s sienna tones on my forearms and the lower part of my mugly ug.

You may be wondering why only the lower half was involved. Sometimes, ladies and gentlemen, the cap and sunglasses take on a functionality other than for aesthetic purposes.

Just as a reminder, the good people at my cable/Internet/phone provider promised me 24 hours ago that they would contact me by now with a decision on whether they will waive the fee for the bogus equipment charge.

The phone hasn’t rang today at all.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take a picture of a tree stump so that I can add a visual dynamic to today’s blog.

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