Going Into Detail

Just for the record, I’m about to discontinue my relationship with my cable/Internet/phone service provider.

I won’t go into detail in who the provider is, however Hope the Pit Bull finds their remote controls to be quite tasty.

I’m not going to go into a great deal of detail over the source of my irritation with their amazing ability to shuffle me from department to department on their customer disservice line. Nor will I go into detail about their insistence to verify my identity and ability to act on the account every time they bounce me elsewhere.

I won’t go into detail about their canned responses to my voiced frustrations or their standard closing on how they are endeavoring to make my conversation with them (all 65 minutes of it) a pleasant and successful one.

I won’t go into the issue on how they’ve billed me $149 to come to my house in order to determine that their equipment is about as useful as that pile of crap the Pit Bull left by Wifey’s tomato plants earlier this evening. Nor will I go into detail about how the boneheads feel like they have to investigate the billing over the next 24 hours to determine if they can waive it.

Instead, I’m going to share a picture with you.

Your favorite blogger on the whole world wide web picked up his latest custom embroidery job this afternoon.


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