A Lack Of Random Thoughts

Well, ladies and gentlemen, as you may or may not know, I usually wing it with these dispatches to the web.  I would have to say about 80% of the material I write is based on an incident in my day to day life or even a random picture I happen to take with my phone.


It’s that other 20% of the time that really plays the role of the bitch.


Case in point, I’ve spent the last hour or so sitting here at the laptop trying to force myself to compose today’s blog.  It’s not like the weekend wasn’t resplendent with a gaggle of incidents and photo opportunities  which could easily generate some blog action.


Unfortunately, none of those events were anything I could want to put out here, so I’ve opted to discuss something else which came to mind earlier today.






How is it that in today’s world of multi-cultural  sensitivity where every document, box, and set of directions consists of two to three languages, that this breakfast time tradition maintains an English only paradigm in the ole cereal bowl?


Much like you are right now, I’m hoping my inspiration returns tomorrow.

Randy Tharp

TharpSter is a husband to one woman, a father to two kids, a master to two dogs, an occasional cubical occupant, and unable to make up his mind on an adequate theme for this website.

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