More Stoopid News

Chalk this one up as something I didn’t completely write.  I heard it on the radio this morning and couldn’t help but to parrot the story back here in order to take up some precious web space which is in high demand.


Allow me to paraphrase:


“A single vehicle accident is currently being cleaned up at this hour on the north side.  The cause of the accident is being attributed to the driver being distracted by the fact that she desperately had to use the bathroom.  In the process she crashed her car into the side of a house.  There’s no word on whether she was able to relieve herself.”


Yeah, this one leaves some many doors open in which to offer up a barrage of verbal hijinks that I’m not even going to put forth the effort.  As a result, the accompanying image is somewhat related and amusing none the less.


I’m off to the coast this weekend, people.  I can only guess what the entries from those days will be like, but I envision one of them featuring footage of waves coming onto the beach at either sunrise or sunset, or some sort of beach related bloopers which litter home video television programs.


Stay tuned.

Randy Tharp

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