Chewing On Phlegm

Once again ladies and gentlemen, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. In addition, the crepe myrtle and the fire bush (I don’t really know my plant names) are blooming.

Even better is the fact that the TharpSter blog and it’s recent attempts to right size the dress code in Cubeville to a more denim friendly atmosphere appear to be working.

That’s right people. This website has an impact on subject matter other than Lipton Green Tea, customer resistant Blockbuster employees, and remote control aggressive pit bulls.

As of July 1st, a denim professional dress code will be put into place at the auxiliary office which will allow yours truly to wear fabrics and patterns which go beyond pleated fronts and poly-cotton blends.

Athletic shoes and flip flops are still discouraged, so I have no real reason to ignore the admonishments of my flat feet to go buy a pair of those Marvin the Martian sandals at Wally World.

At this point I can only wonder what will happen to the strong arm tactics exercised by the denim boss in the months to come as their powers slowly recede.

In the meantime, there’s still the unpleasant matter of the remaining days of June in which to parlay into denim days. Let’s do some math.

Counting today (June 6th), there are 14 business days between Monday and Thursday before the glorious month of June is complete. It’s glorious because I had a pretty darn good birthday complete with custom shirts and a hat.

By the way, a custom t-shirt and hat ordered by TharpSter Mom arrived the other day. I’m good to go.

Alright, let’s get back to the 14 days.

As of this writing, the Spurs have somewhere between 1 and 9 games before their season is over. On the optimistic side, let’s assume (expect) they’ll win it all this year and play all 9 games. Of those, let’s assume 4 of them will be on a weekend or Friday where no denim benefit is derived at the office. So that’s 5 days of denim during the month for Spurs gear and jeans. Subtract one more for the celebration after they win it all.

That brings us down to 8 days. I have two free days in payment for a recent anniversary with the company, and a freebee extended for working on tax day.

That brings us to 6 days.

The Obamacare ruling is expected this month. I’ve got to think any company worth it’s salt is going to derive great schadenfreude from the anticipated demise of that obamanation and declare a denim day within hours of the ruling being made public. Note to Nancy Pelosi: 6-3 in your favor, my ass.

Five days at best is the remaining total in which to dance the fine line between professional casual and professional denim.

I think I can deal with that.

But here’s the real question.

If the company is going to relent to the demands of their employees and this website, why announce it on June 5th that the official switchover won’t happen for nearly a month?

Why not switch now? Are they hoping to get more professionalism out of us before the month is out? What would happen if some of us chose to take the initiative to implement policy on a fast track basis?

One can only wonder if evil machinations are afoot.


Randy Tharp

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