Not Too Seriously Now….

Well kids, Junior has graduated.


He’s got his diploma, he walked the stage, and he lost his hat when he threw it up into the air.


In the meantime, family was in town for the event which just happened to have coincided with a few birthdays involving customized outerwear for the TharpSter Mom and myself.


Even the little brother was here, and relished the opportunity to argue with my sister-in-law about the cowboys.  This was a continuation of the argument I put the kybosh on a few months ago on Facebook.  Given that it happened in front of several witnesses today, there are now those who understand why I did what I did back then.


Life goes on.  It’s just ad-based social networking with a poor IPO performance.


Overall, it’s been quite the enjoyable weekend.  A big bag of yippee happens early Monday morning when I return to the DMV in hopes of renewing my driver’s license.  Fun will be had by all, because I will be wearing the other TharpSter shirt in hopes that the logo appears in my pic.


Which brings me to the crux of today’s post which has you on less than pins and needles.


Ladies and gentlemen, my baby brother is plain jealous of the flesh-toned rinse and set I sport on the top of my skull.  Last night while at the graduation ceremony, he took a picture of it, posted it to Facebook, and lamented on the thick and curly waviness of his own elaborate collection of plugs and weaves.


Upon looking at the pic, I couldn’t help but to sense a presence I haven’t felt since………



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