Why Is It…..

Tonight I sit here at a Dairy Queen just after watching Junior walking the stage for his diploma and into oblivion.

I’m a little rumbly in the tumbly today, even after an adequate dosage of Imodium. Yeah, that’s the good stuff baby.

I was going through my photo stream looking for material to throw onto a blog, and ran across a pic I took at Wally World this morning on a toilet paper, doughnut, and orange juice run at approximately 5:30 am.

While looking for a birthday present for one of the nephews, I ran across a selection of super heroes which are now available in the Lego variety.

I was somewhat saddened to see that the selection of sets didn’t include the lovely and talented Scarlett Johansson in skin tight attire loaded for bear (or bare).


Oh well. Life goes on.

Randy Tharp

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