Stolen Suffrage

At the time of this writing, I’ll have you know that I just voted in the Texas primary.


You know.  The one that’s usually part of Super Tuesday.


You know.  The one that could have swayed the GOP primary in a more conservative direction if it had been held in March when Super Tuesday actually takes place.


You know.  The primary that could have given the real conservative candidates a good momentum.


You know.  The primary that was held up by a lawsuit.


You know.  The lawsuit that suggested that those who controll the state legislature couldn’t redistrict the state as they see fit.


You know.  The lawsuit which inappropriately put the job of drawing district boundaries in the hands of the judiciary.


You know.  The boundaries which were redrawn as a result of big wins in the 2010 election.


You know.  The boundaries which were ascribed to not properly representing the racial make up of the area.


You know.  The racial make up of people represented by left leaning civil rights groups.


You know.  The civil rights groups used by less than conservative operatives to  affect the outcome of GOP primaries.


You know.  The outcome which would put the top choice of the said operatives as the winner of the primary.


You know.  The top tiered candidate whose credentials as a conservative have been suspect at best.


You know.  The candidate who could have collaterally benefited by the lawsuit due to his ability to stay in the campaign into and past May.


Yes.  That primary.


I was pleasantly surprised to see choices number 2 and 3 from my original selection were among the candidates I could vote for today.  I went with number 2, even though they’ve been out of the race for sometime now.


Vote Responsibly Y’all.


Randy Tharp

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