Sadly Awake

I’d like to thank the encephalitic savants in the programming department at NBC for wasting my time this spring with the show “Awake”.


Sadly I was.


Awake that is.


The premise of the show involved a cop in an auto accident experiencing two different realities. In one reality, his son had been killed in the accident. In the other one, his wife didn’t survive.


The premise was interesting on the condition that bad guys with evil machinations were jacking with him and actually making the two different realities happen by way
of an Omega 13 device, a flux capacitor, or even a continuum transfunctioner.


No such luck.


Throughout the entire spring season this abomination was on the air, the lead character jostled back and forth between realities in hopes of figuring out what was going on.


Things finally came to a head in what I can only hope to be the series finale when it turned out the whole damn thing was a dream. The key indicator of this came when Bobby Ewing was seen in the shower. Even worse was the fact that bad guys were jacking with him because he had stumbled on a heroin trafficking ring staffed by….


Wait for it….


Wait for it…..


Wait for it…………….


Dirty cops.


Aren’t you sorry you waited for it?


Welcome to my world.


Throughout the run of the show, I found elements which continued to bring me back the following week. At the same time I continued to question myself for keeping up with it.


Now, I’m just pissed I even bothered watching it.


Fortunately I have webspace to serve as a vehicle for my anger. It’s not like I’d bitch about the show face to face to someone. That would involve admitting that I actually watched the show.


Now if I could just get Glee off the air.

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