May Twenty Something

I am tired.


It’s a good kind of tired though.  It would seem in my continued time in the middle of Cubeville where my nameplate has taken to ritualistically jumping to it’s demise on a daily basis, I’ve developed a bad habit about going to bed at a decent hour, and getting up at an indecent one in order to be fresh and fuzzy for the a day at work.


Yeah, I know.  Shame on me.


What’s a Business Analyst to do?


You’re probably wondering why I’m tired.


I have this reoccurring affliction with unscheduled fatigue which tends to rear it’s ugly head around this time every year.  It’s the strangest thing really.  It generally happens when the Spurs have a playoff series with a west coast team and they’re playing away games.  These games are usually scheduled to start around 7 or 8 pm pacific time.


That’s 2 hours behind central time where my world operates.  That means I end up staying up late to see my team barely pull one out and complete the second (that’s two, people) sweep during the playoffs.


Among many other reasons, the primary reason I really want to see the Thunder win the series against the Lakers (aka:  The Eagle County CSI) is because the timing of the games is more conducive to my body clock.


So after working on Saturday morning, staying up late last night to watch the game, and getting into the office early this morning, I’m pretty much out of it.


If it’s all the same to you, I’m not going to write a blog today.  I know it will break the streak I’ve had throughout the year in publishing something daily; quality be damned.  I just ain’t gonna do it this time.  I just can’t see posting anything that comes to mind just to keep things going with this whole Letters From The Past bit.  For what it’s worth, I have no ideas for you today anyway.


Go Spurs.

Randy Tharp

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