The Last Gig

Last night, I attended what will most likely be the last concert of my son’s high school career.


I don’t mind telling you that it was pretty good.  They rocked the house.


Now certainly you wouldn’t expect such an utterance to be made with regard to a high school orchestra, but it’s true in this case.


Mark Wood is a kick ass violinist.  Right now, the only thing I can hold against him is that he’s worked with Celine Dion.  I can only hope that it was under duress.  I swear if I hear that song from Titanic one more time……


Anyway, go check his website linked to his name above.  He has an admirable cause.


The concert was sectioned off between grade schoolers, middle schoolers, and high schoolers.  In each section, Wood accompanied the orchestra in various classics such as We Will Rock You, Crazy Train, Carry On Wayward Son, Eleanor Rigby, Live And Let Die, some Coldplay crap (not my choice to work in with a classic but good for an ongoing verbal gag that you’re reading right now), and Stairway To Heaven.  They finished the night as a group off with a fast version of Hoedown by Aaron Copeland.


Junior has played that piece in concert several times over the last 6 years and sawed away at that viola like it was no one’s bidness.


Mark Wood made it fun for all of those kids last night.  He made it fun for the audience too.


I’ve quoted the statement before and I’ll do it now.  Find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.


Mark Wood doesn’t have a job.


I’ve really have to give it to Junior for pursuing a music career.  The kid has been at it since he was 10 and his attendance at a School of Music this coming fall after graduating high school opens all sorts of doors for him.


Naturally I’ve made all types of jokes about being on the countdown to getting him out of the house, but that’s all they’ve been is just jokes.


I’m excited for the kid and I can’t wait to see what he does with his God given talents.  He’s found his purpose and he’ll do just fine.  If Junior can do for his eventual students / audiences the same thing that Mark Wood did last night….


Well, you know.


Okay, for now I’ll stop using my words to brag about the boy.


Here’s an excerpt from last night’s event.

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