On Your Way To Oblivion…….

……pick up a t-shirt for me.


Many years ago I had a t-shirt featuring a road sign on a highway.  The sign touted two destinations:


End of the world – 5 miles

Casper, Wyoming – 6 miles


Yeah, well.  You can’t fault me for posting something like that.  I bought the shirt at a gift shop located in one of those destinations.  The jury is still out on which one it was.


Last week, America was exposed to a magazine cover featuring a woman breast feeding a toddler.


This week, our President has been featured on a magazine cover donning a rainbow colored halo and touted as our first gay President.


I expect that readership for both rags has increased well into the double digits as a result of those covers.  The funny thing is that both covers will inspire more artistic license with those who have the presence of mind to subject the images to Photoshop and other editing software to make or convey any type of message they want.


I’m looking forward to the demotivators.


Speaking of demotivators, well……..


I won’t say too much at this point, but one of my primary ones is back after a brief hiatus.  Typical for a Monday, and I knew it was coming.  Ideally within a year, it will be gone.


Last week, I had a really good idea for a product that a whole buncha people could use and appreciate.  Even cooler was the fact that I searched the item out on the internet and app stores and didn’t find it there.  Certainly there’s nothing new under the sun, however this little idea banging around within the confines of my skull may just very well put that statement to the test.


Just for the record, if you think it’s that idea I have for a spring loaded toilet paper dispenser which changes the orientation of the roll from front dispensing to back, you’re wrong.  Granted, I’m still pondering that one, but it’s been on the back burner for a pretty long time.


None the less, I’m not ready to share my idea until I can get some official ownership of it.  Taking a picture of it and putting my logo in the bottom right hand corner isn’t going to be enough.  Next to that, I need an electrical engineer, marketing, and a couple of more resources (ka-ching) to create a prototype worthy of presentation to the vast cogs of capitalism.




How is it that I turned a blog about oblivion into a teaser for the next great thing in toilet paper dispensary?


Must be a slow blog day.

Randy Tharp

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