Thunder Dog Part Deux

Please understand that when I wrote Thunder Dog a few days ago, I was generally frustrated with our dog Faith and her irrational fear of thunder, lightning, and all that goes boom in the sky (like the garbage trucks which drive by twice a week).


The blog itself should have no bearing on how I feel about that little psychotic head case of a dog.  Let me assure you that she’s gotten us through a lot of tough times when spirits were down here around the compound.


That being said, it rained today.  The key indication is that thunder was involved too.


Remember earlier this week when I wished for rain during the waking hours?  What I meant was that I wished for rain during the waking hours when someone is home to keep the psychotic little head case in check.


Just thought I’d clarify that, because the opportunity for Faith to escape the castle and cross the moat to freedom presented itself twice today while we weren’t there.  On both occasions, Faith seized on the opportunity and bolted.


Even still, Faith was gracious enough between escape attempts to pose for a portrait while wearing her Thundershirt.  I was quite happy about it, because pictures of her never turn out right, what with her inability to sit still or her dark brown eyes getting hidden in her jet black hair.


I think I may even submit the picture with the success story I submit to Cubeville in support of the San Antonio Humane Society.



Randy Tharp

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