Today Was Kewl

Well ladies and gentlemen, today I did something I normally don’t do, and frankly have never done before.


Understand that with a couple of teenagers, the years of dragging them into young adulthood have given me all types of exposure to various establishments around town in which to celebrate various birthday parties, baseball parties, soccer parties, and even Donner parties.  In all of that time, I never found myself wandering off to a party at the Malibu Grand Prix for an afternoon of arcade games, miniature golf, bumper boats and go karts.  Oh yeah.  There was pizza too.  It wasn’t that bad either.


I found myself at the Malibu Grand Prix as a result of attending the birthday party for my 8 year old nephew.  For those of you who missed mention of this party the other day, this nephew is sans “booger dilemma” based on my previous observations.


After we did the requisite consumption of pizza, popcorn, birthday cake and Blue Bell singles, we proceeded to a round of miniature golf.  I don’t mind telling you right here and now that I shot about a 73.  That was a lot better than others in my party who shot somewhere in the 60’s.  Go figure I don’t golf and still managed to beat them.


After golf, we then moved on to the go karts.


Those were kewl.  I hadn’t ridden in one before.


This particular opportunity came with the option to have my 5 year old nephew in the cart with me.  He loved it, I loved it, we all had a fun time.  Every time we came to the point on the course where his mother and Wifey were watching, I convinced him to hold his hands up and put on a display of pure terror.  As I said before, fun was had by all.


Did I mention Blue Bell singles?


I’d like to take this moment to discuss this particular display of brilliance.


Dear Brenham, Texas.


I love your product.  Keep up the good work.


Randy Tharp

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