Good Decision, Bad Decision

Whenever one of my young nephews act out in an impulsive manner, his parents always ask him the all important question:


“What the €£#%@ did you do that for?”


Actually that’s not right.  That’s something I was asking my own kids ten years earlier.  Certainly it was coarse, but it took the critical thinking skills and a full understanding of consequences out of their skill set.  Lord knows you don’t need anything like that in the 21st century where we are force fed blue pills with grape Flavor Aid chasers to keep us in the Matrix.


Where was I?


Oh, that’s right.  “Was that a good decision or bad decision?” is the lead off question to my nephew.


My how the times have changed.


The question is nice and calm, and the consequences of impulsive behavior become clearly defined in the skull of one of my nephews.  Back in the day, my kids knew automatically by the tone of my voice that something was amiss in the state of TharpSter.


Today I may have gotten caught up in an impulsive moment which will have it’s own consequences.


Nachos.  *smacks a vein in the inner elbow with two fingers*


In a perfect world, the best serving of nachos will have chicken fajita meat, queso, pico de gallo, and Guacamole (capitalized out of reverence).


Put beans on my nachos and you and I are gonna have words involving the shift key and the numbers across the top of your keyboard.  ‘Nuff said.


While traipsing to the cafeteria from the confines of Cubeville today, I had every intention of having a grilled chicken salad for lunch, with the possibility of having it all wrapped up in a spinach tortilla.


Good stuff Maynard.


One of the specials in there was a nacho bar.  Technically speaking, I don’t believe it could be called a “nacho bar” per se (bitchin’ italicized Latin phrase).  The term alone implies a variety of meat choices in my mind.  The meat choice in this case was refried beans and seasoned ground beef.


The first indicator that this wouldn’t be the best serving of nachos was the fact that the purveyors of socially responsible dining who run that cafeteria had the gumption to serve nachos.  The premise ranks up there with Nigella Lawson mixing blue cheese in with avocadoes and calling it guacamole (uncapitalized to show disgust).


The fact that a healthier meat choice like chicken wasn’t available to at least get into the universe of a good plate of nachos was the deal breaker that took it off the table.


Unfortunately, that didn’t stop me.  I opted for the ground beef nachos.


After all, in my world nachos are crack and I’m the junky looking for a fix.  *smacks a vein in the inner elbow with two fingers*


Was that a good decision or a bad decision?


I’ll leave it to my lower GI and the potential “Immodiamoment” to make that determination later.



Randy Tharp

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