Bed, Bath & Political Ideology

Out there in the great landscape of political ideologies which feed the way the electorate feels the way things should be run, there’s a segment of those who absolutely hate everything about the way we were founded.


They don’t feel that we worked hard to get here.  Instead, they feel that we were just winners of a multi-state lottery.


It drives them nuts to know the seeds of this great country of ours were planted out of a sense of rugged individualism and a desire for small government.


It drives them nuts to know that our forefathers made a pretty good go of it too.


It drives them nuts to know that the practices and behaviors we abhor today were acceptable practices and behaviors back then.


It drives them nuts that our government was founded in a way to not only limit what they could do, but also specifically told the government what it couldn’t do.


There are plenty of people who cleave to these machinations and hold enough power today to give them the false sense of confidence that they can usurp the Constitution in order to fix things in the name of social justice and righteous indignation.


As a result of this particular belief  system, they absolutely hate the founding fathers.


It’s sad.


Earlier today, Wifey and I took a trip to Bed, Bath, & Beyond in order to enhance the décor of the compound with more visually aesthetic furnishings.  We opted for a style consistent with Slipcover Nuveau.


While shelling out the dough to change the color of our couches, something at the register caught my eye.


No, it wasn’t a magic remote control designed to show me what’s important in life.


Instead, it was a set of Pez dispensers featuring some of our founding fathers.  It would seem the good people at Pez feel they can edumacate it’s customers through the wonders of sugar candy delivered via the implied stomas of some of this nation’s greatest statesmen.


Don’t forget that such an edumacation comes at a price either.  In this case, it’s $12.99 for the set of five.


One’s got to wonder if the great Americans featured on the candy dispensers ever looked some 200 years into the future and made the determination that their mark on this earth would be complete when their visage was relegated to a novelty item.


In the meantime, consider that certain segment of people I discussed earlier.  Deep down, we know they’re boycotting Pez as a result of this ill conceived marketing scheme.


Randy Tharp

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