90 Degrees Of Corn

Once upon a time on this very blog, I made reference to a parallel Earth which orbits the sun on the exact opposite side of where we’re at.


The bit was a throwback to Saturday Night Live when I think it was Father Guido Sarducci discussed this planet.  The gag was that the only difference between us and them was that they held their corn on the cob vertically instead of horizontally when they ate it.


As we sink further and further into the muck and mire of our cultural decline as chaperoned by failed political ideologies and expanding senses of entitlement, I’m becoming more and more convinced the alternate Earth exists.


Chalk this one up as political, my dear reader.  There will be no righteous indignation over the abuse of guacamole spouted here today.


Instead, the righteous indignation comes from more than just holding a cob of corn at a 90 degree angle.


It comes from the fact that there are a whole lot of suffraging idiots who believe that all Americans are charged with sending their vast sums of ill gotten gains to a big pile of cash stored in the basement of the White House for the express purpose of it’s primary occupant to occasionally step out of his perpetual state of presenteeism to pass the money out to those who won’t work for it.


It comes from the premise that the American people feel compelled to ask the President for his permission or blessing to obtain specific medical care.


It comes from a President who feels compelled to act extra-Constitutionally by using executive orders and executive branch departments to enact his own bidding on the way things should really be, regardless of whether Congress has passed a law on it or not.


It comes from a President who injects himself into high profile civics lessons with a clear and present ignorance of the facts.  When he does have the facts, they’ve been pre-butchered  by the media in order to advance a cause.


It comes out of the knowledge that upon the potential striking down of his signature legislation, he will blast the Supreme Court with a blatant disregard for separation of powers and judicial review.  He will ignore a ruling against him and continue to implement the measure using every tool at his disposal to circumvent the rule of law.  If that’s not enough, he will also inspire his sycophantic minions to call for the collective heads of those justices who voted against him by way of impeachment or lynch mob.


It comes from the fact that the President willingly uses the bully pulpit of the office to bold face lie to the American people.


It comes from the continued hypocrisy the man displays on a regular basis.


Rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, that the source of my righteous indignation doesn’t lie exclusively with the Executive Branch though.


The mere fact that the Supreme Court could rule against the individual mandate in a 5-4 decision signals a fundamental display that four justices on the court are not doing what their oath mandates that they do.  Yes, I’m righteously indignant about that too.


It also comes from the mouths of bold moderates who choose to lecture us about cannibalizing ourselves and our legislative bodies for demanding more fiscal responsibility of our Congressional candidates.


It comes from those who would call us isolationist Hobbits for not wanting to take on more debt.


It comes from a willingness to compromise the values of the electorate in order to stay in power.


It comes from a separatist party acting outside of the law to intimidate voters and put bounties on the heads of others.


It comes from race baiters who seize on the instance of a tragedy to elevate their own standing.


The list goes on, but what does this have to do with corn and a parallel Earth?


Based on everything which is currently going wrong, there’s an odds on favorite that holding our corn cobs horizontally may not be the best way to go.


Vote Responsibly Y’all.


Randy Tharp

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