Ninety Four

Editors note: For reasons unknown, the desktop is not opening documents in the Microsoft suite of office products. TharpsSter, in his infinite lamentations of returning to life in cubeville this week, is just too lazy to uninstall and reinstall Bill Gates’ contribution to the apocalypse in order to resolve the issue. That being said, Juniorette has hijacked the laptop under the banner of having a “crap load of homework and several tests this week.”. That’s what she gets for being smart. None the less, TharpSter is relegated to blogging from a virtual keyboard today. In unabashed defiance, he has opted to blog forward without correcting the dumbass suggestions demanded by Autocorrect. Please understand at this point that spelling, grammar, and context of the post will be highly suspect. You’ve been warned.

It would seem, ladies and gentlemen, that I have nothing to write about today.

How do I know this?

Ill tell you.

I’ve deliberately written a disclaimer for this post which gives me a “get out of jail” free card for getting lazy with proper English today.

That means I can come out here and type just about anything I want and hope that you’ll read it with respect for the evils of Autocorrect.

I tell you what.

These daily posts are a major pain in the ass when I have nothing to write about.

Min the meantime, I think it’s time I start putting my bracket together for next year’s March Madness. Given that I don’t follow college basketball, I’ll have to substitute various cartoon characters, centerfolds, Stallone films, geometric formulas, and punch lines to dirty jokes in for actual teams who have made the tournament. In the end, I’m predicting Tango & Cash to stomp on “Because they can.”

Heres to the evils of the easy life of the 21st century.


Randy Tharp

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