Blog 92

Do you like the title?


That’s just a goof on yesterday’s blog.


Today is April 2nd, ladies and gentlemen.  That means I need to drag my lethargic rump out of bed this morning, don something in a professional casual mode which doesn’t hug my dunlap, and navigate my way to Cubeville.


As much of a challenge as it sounds to be, that’s not the worst of it.  It’s been two weeks since I darkened the doors there.  If memory serves, I had to change my network password just a matter of days before I left.  I’m drawing a blank on what that password is.


Once I get past that issue, I have two weeks worth of emails announcing various tidbits of important information like the winners of the company March Madness bracket, announcements from the cafeteria that the meatloaf is once again safe, and opportunities to win tickets to various showcases and concerts of which I have no interest.  Interlaced in those emails will be just under a million of them which I need to respond to, file, or make mental note that something is about to happen.


Sadly, ladies and gentlemen, your favorite blogger on the worldwide web was not one of the three winners of Megamillions the other night.


“So what did you do on your staycation Randy?  Did you go anywhere?  Did you do anything?  Really?  Nothing?  Wow, just like last time, huh? ”


I’m sure there’s a blog somewhere out here on TharpSter.Org that discusses in detail about how I hate small talk.


For your information, I replaced some boards around one of the window units so the dogs wouldn’t use that area as a makeshift dog door.  I also trimmed the hedge and weedeated.  I had the oxygen sensors, starter, and starter relays changed out on the Jeep.  I worked with the dogs on getting along with each other.  I saw Act Of Valor and The Hunger Games while I was off.  Both times, I spent more on soda and M&Ms than I did on the actual ticket.


Over the course of my time off, I found myself in spirited conversations on the internet about politics and recent current events.  Arguing on the internet is never productive, but it’s better than watching The View.


This last weekend we had a free sampling of Stars and Encore on Uverse.  Talk about a couple of worthless movie channels.  None the less, I recorded a couple of movies during the weekend, and you can count on a few Goldmember references in the coming weeks as a result.


It almost hides the moobs

I also bought a few new t-shirts.


Not really.


I had about $15 left over on a Kohl’s gift card from last Christmas, so I let it burn a hole in my pocket.


Rest assured, both shirts are Texas friendly.


With my return to work, I’d like to think I’ll make a new observation or two which will give me material for these daily forays into verbal brilliance.  Giving you a rundown on what I did on my vacation is pretty damn boring if you ask me.  I’m so disgusted with this particular dispatch that I doubt I’ll even proof read it before publishing it.


Talk about puttin’ up ugly.

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