Blog 91

Get your abacus. We’re doin’ some math.


Consider 31 days in January. Add 29 days of February, and another 30 days of March. That gives us 90 days down so far for the year 2012. Today’s blog is 91 on the year. According to the Mayan calendar, I think I have about 265 more of these bad boys to compose.


Today is April Fools Day, ladies and gentlemen. Doesn’t it seem only fitting that you’re reading my blog on this day?


I would love to be able to sit here and outline some sort of elaborate, Internet-born prank designed to make the most clever of idiots feel like someone has gotten the best of them.


I don’t have anything like that in mind though. I currently have three things in mind right now.


On Monday, I’m going back to work after two weeks off on staycation.




My driver’s license expires two months from today.


The registration in the Jeep expired yesterday. I need to get that taken care of.


Pretty exciting, huh?


It’s not like this is blog 100 for the year or anything.


What did you expect with blog 91?

Randy Tharp

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