Did I Mention?

Here’s something that will seem completely irrelevant.


I’m flat footed.


Did I mention that before?  I’m not sure.


None the less, the secret is out.  Without the appropriate devices jammed into my squeaky Nike Airs or old New Balance 621’s (the laces are loose), I tend to walk with a fallen arch.


As I sit here and type, my printer/scanner has started making noises like it’s scanning something.


That’s just weird.


Now where was I?


As a teenager, I used to see a podiatrist about my flat feet.  I was fit with some custom fit orthotics to aid in my malady.  On a side note, I wonder if Sandra Fluke would ever testify before Congress for the need for the U.S. taxpayer to pay for ongoing treatments of the tragedy of flat feet.


None the less, I still have issues with my feet.  If I don’t use arch supports, my ankles and knees begin to hurt and my shoes eventually wear inward.


Pretty boring stuff, don’t you think?


Did I mention that I’m a big fan of Marvin the Martian?


If you don’t know who this guy is, I would suggest you’ve been living in a cave on the backside of Mars.  Even then, you would be more appropriately placed to know who Marvin the Martian is.


Marvin is one of the Loony Tunes characters which always fell to the hijinks of Bugs Bunny.  If you knew me back in the early 90’s, it would have been readily apparent to you that I was a vehicle for product placement where my favorite cartoon was concerned.  I had several shirts, shorts, and hats with his image on them.  I had note pads, pens, and night lights too.  The only character who had a bigger spot in my heart was Opus of Bloom County fame.


None the less, the obsession (for lack of a better word) with Marvin has subsided a bit in recent years.  I wore one of the Marvin shirts I have just last month while putting in a weekend stint in cubeville during the Presidents Day weekend.  The rest of the shirts are in a storage bin in the TharpSter garage (with everything else).


Imagine my dismay when I wandered into Wal Mart yesterday for dog food when I saw a new Marvin item which I had never seen before.  The product was available in my size, and it was cheap.


But I couldn’t buy it though.


It’s not like I didn’t have the cash for it, or anything like that.


I just don’t have the feet for it.


Have you ever tried to put a pair of arch supports into a pair of flip flops?


Randy Tharp

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