My Foray Into Edisonism

“Edisonism” is another one of those words that I made up on the fly while letting the digits fly across the keyboard.


Never fear on the perils of using a virtual keyboard while I type up today’s blog, ladies and gentlemen.  I’m on the laptop and fighting the touchpad which moves my cursor based on where I have the ole thumbs rested.  Fortunately, I’m able to deactivate the feature and rely on a cordless mouse.


“Edisonism” is the process of just sitting around doing generally nothing while coming up with ideas for stuff to invent.  The rules around the process are not so rigid that you don’t have to be doing nothing to have the occasional epiphany every once in awhile though.


I had such a moment yesterday, and came up with a really, really, darn good idea.


The product I engineered in my skull yesterday was one that could revolutionize the world.


Well, not really.


It was still a good idea though.


The resulting product could make me a potential fortune if my two quick picks for Mega Millions don’t pay off this week.  It uses existing technology in a whole new way.  I envision Congress banning the product some 100 years in the future after relying on a bunch of junk science.  Why not?  It happened to Edison.


Alas, my bitchin’ idea will not see the light of day.


You know why don’t you?


Essentially, ladies and gentlemen, Edisonism isn’t always a good thing unless you can think of something that no one has.  I would recommend that whenever you have a flash of brilliance which produces a really good idea for the next great thing, you should probably Google it first.


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