Something Stupid This Way Comes

It was the starter.


Ironically enough, the test starts of the Jeep this last week didn’t reveal a starter problem when my mechanic was trying to recreate the non-start issue that Junior encountered last week.  For those of you keeping count, that was 150 test starts.  I think that was more times than Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was water boarded before he cracked.  All of those starts helped to identify the issue with the oxygen sensors, which led to the discontinued glow of the “Check Engine” like (aka: idiot light) in the dash.


It was ultimately on start number 154 when the starter took in the mantra of “Screw you guys.  I’m going home.”



We got it fixed.


Wifey is back to taking the Jeep to work and I get my beloved truck back.


Well worth the price if you ask me.

Randy Tharp

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