Vroom Vroom, Chunka Chunka

The Jeep *was* running better.


Blame the Blizzard.


Not the nasty snow storm, mind you.  We don’t get those in my corner of Texas.


I was talking about the ice cream treat.  I figure if Dairy Queen can jack with their malts, then their Blizzards can jack with my Jeep.


The Jeep ran great for a few hours last night until the ill fated decision was made to go get Blizzards.  When Wifey got back, the engine was making a weird sound, and continued to after she turned the engine off.


It’s as if the starter was still spinning in there.  As a result, we couldn’t even get it started back up.

I had to disconnect the battery just to get the starter to stop with its ADHD activity. 

Even worse was the fact that the Chocolate Extreme Blizzard just didn’t taste right.


I told you this issue with the Jeep was going to result in something stupid, didn’t I?

Randy Tharp

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