Here We Are Again

One of these days, ladies and gentlemen, I will actually take it upon myself to leave the compound and literally do something when I take time off from work at the auxiliary offices.

I’m bored.

There’s a lot around the house that I want to do this week. I spent an hour cleaning / reorganizing a shelf in he kitchen that’s been driving me nuts.

I finally sat down and watched the last 45 minutes of Green Lantern today. Every time I’ve tried to watch it, I’ve succumbed to intermittent narcolepsy and missed out on what I expect was a lame ending. I probably should have opted for the continued narcolepsy.

I also watched Paul.


That one rocks. Whereas I’m the recent recipient of the BluRay / DVD / Digital copy of that gem of a movie, I’m now in a position to hear the phrases “Three tits. Awesome.” and “Who the hell is Adam Shadowchild?” whenever I want. In all fairness, the digital copy was a bust because I didn’t activate it before the end of January. I really couldn’t since I didn’t get it until last week. Please take this time to read the write up I did on that movie for Yahoo.

And how do we know I’m bored?

When Wifey arrived home today with a chub of meat and a couple of boxes of the store brand a Hamburger Helper, I’m the one who jumped in and prepared it so as to liven up the day.

Oh, I also averted / avoided two big ass arguments on Facebook. One involved Peyton Manning’s choice to go with Denver today. The other one was deep in the mix of the governments recent decision (illegal I might add) to cut off federal funds for women’s health care to the state of Texas.

As much as I could have jumped in head first to both of those discussions, I opted out. I’m too caustic with my opinions and would have alienated a whole buncha friends and family. It just wasn’t worth it.

Aside from some basic personal bidness, the only thing on board outside of the compound is to renew my drivers license. It expires in a few months, so I figure I’ll take care of it now.

By the way. The jeep is still in the shop baffling my mechanic extraordinaire. They just can’t recreate the condition in the vehicle to make it not start.

I still hold to the fact that it will be something stupid with that one.

More to come.

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