How To Do It

I’m thinking about rearranging the living room.


The TV is currently whopper jawed into the north and west walls of the living room between a fireplace on the left and big ass windows on the right.  Those windows look into the backyard, which is pretty darn ugly.  Let’s hear a “whoop, whoop” for curtains.


We have a couch and a loveseat arranged into an “L” shaped pattern which allow us to focus on all of the channels on the tube which feature nothing good.


Certainly the current set up is good and consolidates the features of the room.  The problem is that the living room is closed off by the furniture and makes it appear smaller than it is.


Now that we have the wireless receiver for Uverse in here, we can put the TV anywhere we want without having to worry about whether there’s an accessible jack on the wall.


You really aren’t reading this mindless babbling are you?  I mean you’re probably reading it, but are you paying attention?


I’m not.  Why should you?


What I should be worried about is that man cave which currently serves as Junior’s bedroom.


Good news folks.  He got accepted  to his first choice of colleges for this coming fall.  That means we gotta figure out how to take care of his orthodonture between now and the time he bolts.  I’m sure there’s a million other things we need to figure out on getting him moved out as well, but his diminishing hillbilly grill is the first one that keeps coming to mind.




I don’t have a whole lot to say right now.


Uverse was jacking up on us in the living room so Wifey and the kids put Captain America in the DVD player.  I took a picture, and indiscriminate blogging ensued.


I’ll try not to let it happen again.

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