Splittin’ The Vote

The GOP primary process has boiled down to a splitting of the vote between the well-funded establishment and the more conservative wing of the party which understands the perils of putting another moderate up against the other guys.


Meanwhile, I sit here on the outskirts of the Texas hill country trying to figure out which one of the four (three really) I should vote for.  It really comes down to two of them in the end.


All of the candidates individually possess one or two features, attributes, or skills which I would look for in a President.  Unfortunately, there’s no consolidation of resources which allows me to feel 100% comfortable with who gets my vote outside of the fact that they’re anybody but Obama.


When it comes down to it, I have more reasons not to vote for Obama than I have to vote for those here on my side.  That makes me nervous.


So the vote will be split in the Republican party between the conservatives and the moderates.  If you don’t know what happens in events like that, look at the 1992 and 2000 elections.  Ross Perot took votes away from George H.W. Bush and Ralph Nadar took them from Al Gore.


What’s a charter member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to do?


Tangential segue.


This x-ray of my pit bull has absolutely nothing to do with the content in this post save for the possibility that the colon may be present.

There’s news today that the CBO did a better job with their math and guesstimated that the cost of Obamacare over ten years was around double the original estimates it made back when that monstrosity was working it’s way through Congress like Aunt Selma’s meatloaf goes through the colon.


For real?


Wow!  We never saw that one coming, now did we?


Given that the measure is more cost prohibitive than the original revenue neutral prize it was touted to be, I think it’s purveyors should roll the damn thing back in the name of all that is honest and right in the world.



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