Well Crud

In the grand scheme of things, I guess it’s only fitting that the aged Jeep Cheroke registered to Wifey and Yours Truly chose to cop an attitude on us when I wasn’t there to take care of it.


Junior and Juniorette were in it at the time and the thing just wouldn’t start up.


Given all of the events in our lives during 2012, I would have appreciated a break if it had just happened on payday instead of a few days before.


Never mind the fact that the fix will be something stupid.


Speaking of something stupid, I haven’t seen any footage of the Presidential picks on this year;s NCAA bracket.


Perhaps with all of the turmoil in the world and even in this country, he’s given up on tournament brackets in order to show that he’s not detached from all that ails us.


None the less, the mechanic called me back a few hours later and told me the Jeep started up for him.  Even still, they had identified some sort of fail within the vehicle so they’re going check it out further.  As I said before, it’s going to be something stupid.


Subject change.


It’s mid-March, and you all know what that means.


No it’s not March Madness.  Stay focused.


Tonight after getting home from an arduous and challenging day as a Business Analyst, I opted to put my favorite pair of shorts on.


Man, those things have just about had it.  The creases in the hems are frayed, there’s an extra hole or two, and they pretty much represent the reason why cut-offs aren’t allowed in most swimming pools.


I’ll have to replace them.


Perhaps next week when I’m on the 3rd Annual TharpSter Staycation, I’ll find time between renewing my driver’s license and pondering the construction of a raised flower bed for Wifey to visit the local Goodwill store to find another pair.


Fingers crossed people.


One more thing.  You’ve seen those drug awareness commercials where the announcer says no kid wants to grow up to be a drug addict, haven’t you.


With that thought in mind, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a kid say he wanted to grow up to be a Business Analyst.  Is that puttin’ up ugly or what?

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