Voter ID

At some point at the end of May when the great state of Texas gets to take part in the primary process after emerging from an assault on our sovreignity via abuse of the voter rights act, a continued assault born of the voter rights act takes place.

Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming. Not a good dream, mind you. This is one of those dreams born sleeping on a bad mattress which generates sore bones in the morning.

News is out today that the administration is now looking to block a new law here which requires voters to show photo identification before dangling a chad.

There’s a presumption that about 11% of the Hispanic population here in Texas does not have valid photo ID.

Voter ID has nothing to do with underlying racism or voter intimidation. But you know that don’t you?
Voter ID has everything to do with verifying that any and everyone who participates in the voting process is eligible to vote.

Plain, clear and simple as that.

Instead of halting the law and further leaving instances of voter fraud available to take place, why not start a campaign to notify the electorate to make sure they have proper identification when it comes time to vote?

When it does come time for me to vote, I will be there with my ID and proactively shove it in the face of the election worker to validate my eligibility.

God forbid we apply a little bit of common sense in the matter.

Randy Tharp

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