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You sit there in front of complete strangers in an environment where you’re completely out of your element. The strangers there who are deemed with a modicum of authority of your short term and possibly long term future ask you questions which you consider to be none of their damn business.

But it is.

In the end, the questions they ask and the honest answers you give reveal to you, them, and everyone else in the room that you’re right smack dab in the middle of a colossal foul up that is completely attributable to your actions.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this blog.


In the meantime, the Super Tuesday has come and gone and there doesn’t appear to be enough people voting responsibly. I might as well write the “See I told you so” blog right now.


The one saving grace over this ordeal is that it still looks like Texas will get a say-so in the selection process.

To the winner go the spoils, however the squeaky wheel in this state has managed to derail the primary process. Purposefully so, I would guess.

It all started when Texas picked up a seat or two in Congress as a result of the 2010 census. Since the GOP runs the state legislature around here, they have the ability to draw out the district boundaries. Once they did, various minority advocacy groups got the matter tied up in court. Voting rights act. Blah, blah, blah.

Long story short, Texas was unable to participate in Super Tuesday this year. Come the month of May, all four of the candidates will be here shamelessly whoring themselves for our vote.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Yeah, probably not, but you know.

I really don’t have anywhere else to go with this. Just today I was talking to a mud wrestler with hairy toes about how this year’s endeavor to publish a blog a day has resulted in me writing just about anything, quality of the content be damned.

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