Don’t try to tell me all of this talk about contraception in the forum of all things political was home-grown within the GOP primary process.

None of the 8 or 9 initial candidates which were or are running for the nomination ever brought it up. It was not a campaign issue.

Seriously people. With everything that’s going wrong in this country today, why on Earth would anyone in the GOP make contraception a national talking point?

Plain clear and simple, they didn’t.

So who did?

George Stephanopoulos and Barack Obama.

Stephy started it in a debate when he brought the subject up out of the blue in a question to Mittens. Mittens promptly called ‘bullshit’ on the matter.

Good for Mittens.

As a left leaning member of the mainstream media which serves as the advertising arm for the Obama reelection machine, it would only make sense for Stephy to ask such a question to a crop of candidates which contains a devout Catholic in the body of Rick Santorum.

Just for the record, Catholicism generally doesn’t like birth control.

Which brings us to Barack Obama. Shortly after Stephy asked that question at the debate, the Obama gang issued a mandate on the Catholic Church (and others I’m sure) stating that they would have to provide for conception as part of their health care plans as mandated by Obamacare. He then rolled it back and said the insurance companies (employed by the Catholic Church) would have to make the provisions instead.

Unconstitutional as hell, but that’s a different discussion.

Just a few weeks later we sit here hearing stories about a Georgetown law student and her demand for the government to pay for her birth control.  You realize that was just a distraction from the real discussion on whether Obama had the Constitutional authority to issue such a mandate to the Catholic Church, don’t you?

The math has already been done, and determinations have been made that birth control is cheap enough not to have to testify before some congressional committee.  On the hand, it was priceless enough to generate positive press for those who perpetuating the discussion.

Big picture, the subject has been put out there in an apparent attempt to derail the GOP.

All things being equal, there’s only one form of contraception which has been proven time and time again to prevent sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy every time it’s been used.

Even still, that particular method hasn’t been used by those on the left as speaking point in this debate.

You know what that method is, don’t you?  Hold it tightly between the knees for starters.

Vote Responsibly Y’all.

Randy Tharp

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