Inspecting The Northern Branch

In a matter of days, ladies and gentlemen, TharpSter will be going on a business trip in the name of the greater good.


There will be no air travel for this trip, as I’ve made a command decision to take it on the road.  That means that if an aggressive pat down is on order, I’m going to have to get it at a Stuckey’s from a lonely long haul driver who’s unrequited advances on his basset hound have gone a little bit too far.


The dead possum in this picture has nothing to do with this post and everything to do with something I saw in the road while walking the Pit Bull tonight.

Talk about getting stuck at Stuckey’s.


“So why on God’s green Earth would my favorite blogger on internet be taking a business trip?”


I know that’s what you’re thinking.


Put very simply, the organization has a server farm several hours north of here which is well overdue for a surprise inspection.  There have been rumors on the grapevine lately that employees there are planning to unionize and subsequently strike.  Naturally I would take full advantage of the fact that Texas is a right-to-work  state and fire their asses into oblivion.  They would subsequently start an “Occupy” movement and start doing unmentionable acts of defecation and bumping uglies out in the parking lot.


I’m sure you can understand the dilemma here.


At this point, the goal is to inspect the server farm and scout out a potential new site at a location just a little further north.  If, by any chance, I should happen by a college in close proximity to the site I’m scouting where TharpSter Jr. can go interview with the head muckety-mucks and show off the talents he’s developed with his left hand and ability to read dots on a page, that will be cool too.


Yay north Texas!


Randy Tharp

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