Well then.

In essence I took in about a day and a half of off time during the three day weekend thanks to event at the auxiliary office.

Today, when I darken the door and play Occupy Cube, I will be asked three standard questions I always get asked in these circumstances:

1. How did it go this weekend?
2. How long were you here?
3. You had two levels of management in here with you. How did that go?

To which, my answers will be:

1. Fine thank you. How was your full three day weekend?
2. 18 hours between two days. Not that bad.
3. Fine thank you. There was no need for the Nerf gun or the Issue Management Stick. How was your full 3 day weekend without two levels of management watching over you?

I will then look back to my two monitors in an illusion that I’m working, and wave my hand dismissingly in the air.

There are just some benefits at work which don’t appear in the Employee Handbook.

Randy Tharp

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