The Magic Of Lavender

Far be it from me to discuss something so girly as lavender here on TharpSter.Org., however due to recent observations and coincidental correlations which were made subconsciously beyond my control, I feel compelled to do so.


The color itself made a prominent entrance Into my life about 10 years ago when the perils of life in cubeville landed me in a position of cleaning up the boo-boos (ranging from minor to colossal) of others.


Given that I have a propensity for seeking out problems to solve (or cause), this particular role was right up my alley.


“Right up my alley”.


Alright people, let’s get this out and in the open right now.  That phrase is a common place cliché.  I have nothing against them, but at the same time, I don’t like to use them in my writing.


Give me a minute and I might think of another metaphor for how problem solving (causing) is my forte.


In the meantime, let’s get back to the girly lavender.


While in the process of fixing the messes of others, two of my cohorts on the same team were involved with suggesting system enhancements which could potentially make our collective lives a little bit easier.  All of their documentation and spreadsheets which typically justified their cause always carried a lavender colored theme.


It was pretty.


Fast forward a decade and let’s move onto another sensory input, that being the nose.  Around here at the TharpSter compound, it’s a common one.


Did you know that the scent of lavender can have a calming effect?  At least I understand it works that way on dogs.  Since the TharpSter TreadMill has been known to be high strung and generally nervous, we’ve been known to use a scented spray on her pillow and harness just to get her to chill during bad weather.  To some extent it works, but I’ve got to wonder if it’s effects are complimentary to the miracle of veterinary pharmaceuticals which help her forget all about the loud thunder and the rumbling garbage trucks.


Of course, calming the dog down isn’t the only reason we use lavender scents around the compound here.


I won’t go into a whole lot of detail, except for the fact that the odoriferous emanations produced by a different sort of spray help us all to relieve other stresses.



Randy Tharp

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