Speed Blogging For The Sleepy

It’s the same offensive time on day 2 of the auxiliary office event that it was when I wrote yesterday’s post.


There was no power outage last night, so I actually have some light to use in determining my dress code.  There will be no kilt and flippers worn today, because there are no kilt and flippers.


Todays event should go off without a hitch, and I’d like to think ill be home in time to watch he new animated series of Napoleon Dynamite tonight.


*in that breathy Napoleon voice*..”Lucky!”


There will be no malcontented Martians on my shirt today.  Instead, one of my favorite cars will be featured, and will doubly serve as a back handed political statement on the nature of the automotive manufacturing business and what it’s become in recent years.


I can’t help but think that you as my reader who either receives these daily dispatches via RSS feed, a link from Facebook or Twitter, or even a direct effort to come right to the site are wondering when I’m going to cut it out with the speed blogging and get back to more coherent babbling.


That will be tomorrow.  Just give a little time for me to go back and get a shit load of dimes, and we’ll be good to go.

Randy Tharp

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