Speed Blogging

The concept of speed dating involves a group of willing (and otherwise coerced, bribed, and blackmailed) participants of varying gender (I would guess sometimes not), several tables, and just enough chairs to make a spirited game of musical chairs a winner for everyone.

Oh yeah.  Big picture, a lazy Susan is involved too.

As I can recall, the phenomenon has only been around for the last 10 years or so.  Since I’ve been married for nearly twice that long, I haven’t partaken in the process.

I bring the subject of speed dating up because there is a slight relationship to speed blogging.

There’s only one participant here versus many, however the concept of “lazy” tends to take effect for both events.

This weekend, the auxiliary office beckons (nay, demands) my presence for the entire weekend.  Tie that into time with Wifey tonight, my availability to sit down and spill my offal onto the Internet over the next 48 hours is going to be limited.

Thus, speed blogging.

Even as I sit here feverishly typing this bad boy up on my iPhone (my laptop is having wifi issues) at 6 in the morning prior to going to work, the TharpSter Pit Bull (affectionately known as “hand whore”) is demanding my attention and a good neck scratching.  The alternative is to ignore her; which subsequently leads to more nuzzling and menacing threats of a laser eye treatment.

On a side note, who is this Susan person, and why do they call her lazy?

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