The Next Super Hero Flick

As I understand it, the movie going public is slated to take in movies about Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and one featuring the Avengers in the near future.  I would suspect the studios have slated the release date of all of these movies to take place prior to the Mayan prediction coming true at the end of this year in order to cash in on every penny they can get.


Isn’t that wonderful?


With the advancements in technology in the last twenty years where just about any special effect could be added to film without looking completely fake, we’ve seen a lot of super heroes brought to the silver screen which probably wouldn’t have made it very successfully in the years before.


If you don’t believe me, go back and watch those made for TV movies where Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno returned The Hulk to the forefront of our minds with guest appearances by Daredevil and Thor.




I generally noticed it with the first X-Men movie when those claws on Wolverine didn’t look very fake.  Just last year, we finally saw a non-animated Green Lantern doing goofy ass things with that ring of his.


So who’s next?


I’ll tell you who’s next.




All things being equal, 20th century technology was sufficient enough to bring the fastest man alive to the big screen.  They did it on TV for a year or two back in 1990, why can’t they do it now?


Don’t give me any crap that they’re just waiting for the right script either.  If Hollywood knew it could put celluloid captures of squirrels bumping uglies in a cage on the big screen in order to put butts in the seats, they would.


I could take this time to tell a story about the time I was 11 and inadvertently picked up the nickname of “Flash” while stealing 2nd base (the kid at bat had just taken ball 4), but I won’t.  It’s not really embarrassing or anything.  For that matter, it was given to me by a guy who was almost named Thor.


I just choose not to tell the story because it’s not really conducive to the ultimate goal of this post.  That goal, of course, was to use the phrase “squirrels bumping uglies in a cage” in one of these daily blogs.


I’ve used it elsewhere here on TharpSter, I just don’t remember where.



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2 thoughts on “The Next Super Hero Flick

  1. I just read that some studio is making a “Stretch Armstrong” movie… based on the doll from the 1990’s with stretchy arms. In the real world in which people live…
    I can’t wait for a movie about Pogs starring Ryan Reynolds.

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