Trampling Number One

A few years ago when this site was but a collection of five or six articles, I wrote about universal healthcare and its potential assault on the 1st Amendment.


You remember that one don’t you?


In it, I asserted that the demands of socialized medicine would set aside the religious beliefs and practices of those who don’t ascribe to traditional western medicine that a majority of us use today.  Faith healing and new age practices were the two that came to mind.



Given that the individual mandate would be used to force those who don’t use western medicine to buy into the system, an infringement on the 1st Amendment is bound to be imminent.


That argument has meat, yet I haven’t heard it get used against the proponents of Obamacare.  Certainly I can be pretty insightful, but the premise that I’m the only who has thought of this one baffles me.


This puts a whole new bent on my solipsism and inspires me to consider its validity.


So now that I’ve given you the “previously on TharpSter rants against Obamacare” rundown as a background, let’s talk about what happened this week.


After nearly three years of running the Obamanation through the courts on its way to a 5-4 USSC decision about the Constitutionality of the individual mandate, discussions of the 1st Amendment have come up.  Granted, we’re not quite in a “I told you so” state yet because the latest assault doesn’t look at faith healing and alternative medicine.


Instead, it looks at birth control and abortion.




Given that those two items are a big big sacrament in the liberal way, I’m frankly shocked I didn’t see it coming before.  Regardless, it came out this week that the administration expects employers to provide abortion services and birth control as part of the demands of Obamacare.


No exceptions.


This has caused a big uproar lately, because the mandate which has come down from up on high within the administration applies to Catholic based businesses.  Just for the record, Catholicism tends to rap the knuckles with a ruler when it comes to birth control and abortion.  Both are a no-no.


That’s right.  Under the flag of Obamacare, the government is telling a faith based business to carry out a practice within their business which is inconsistent with the nature of their business.


Unconstitutional as hell.


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances



Naturally, the whole uproar this last week back to Obama culminates into a massive WTF.


As expected, he rolled it back today in order to show his ability to compromise.  Instead of making the businesses do it, he’s put the onus on the insurance companies instead.  Those would be the insurance companies who are paid by, and receive directives from the business themselves.


What’s next?


The President makes a move this week to trample the 1st Amendment rights of the Catholic Church when he clearly has no right to tell them they have to set their beliefs aside in order implement Obamacare.  He then changes the language of the mandate to make it look like he’s changed his mind.


All along, this monstrosity lives and breaths on the fact that the government can tell us that we have to enter into a contract when that was never the intent of the founding fathers when they laid down the framework for this great country of ours.


It would seem that we have a few slam dunks here.


There first one is that Obamacare reeks of unconstitutionality from head to toe and should be stricken down upon review by the Supreme Court.


The other slam dunk is that Obama’s record as President as defined by his policies and the results thereof, combined by his tyrannical treatment of the American people in the name of his vision of this country are enough to make him a one term president.


So why is it that I have so much distrust right now for the American voting public and the Supreme Court?


Vote Responsibly Y’all.


Randy Tharp

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