Cancel Your Next Super Bowl Party

Alright people.
Super Bowl PartyCancel next year’s Super Bowl party and I’ll give you exactly two reasons why.  The second reason should come as pretty darn obvious, however I’m going to subject you to a TharpSter Rant with the other reason first.


Overall it was a good game.  Just like a few years ago, it came down to the wire on whether a Hail Mary that Tom Brady launched somewhere in the stratosphere could be caught by someone who has seen him naked in the locker room.  Don’t forget to add the indiscriminate remarks Brady’s hot wife made.


As a fan of the NFL, my expectations were met by the game and the adult beverages I imbibed in he process.


So here’s the first reason you can cancel out your plans for this time next year.


Aside from the fact that it was the championship game where winner takes all and obtains squatters’ rights to the big trophy, what was different about it?




You had a half time show loaded up with production quality staging, wardrobe, and hype intertwined into the performance of an icon who has incorporated other artists known only to their specific genre.


On yeah.  There was lip syncing too.  I suspect that Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth participated in part of that, but I have no evidence (manufactured or not) to prove that.


In summary, the half time show sucked.




Speaking of “it sucked”, let’s talk about the commercials. Do I really have to make a point here?


The Super Bowl is heralded as the one event in American television were ad space reigns supreme.  Yet still,  there was nothing special about this year’s crop of efforts to liberate the viewership of their hard earned, over taxed dollar.


In summary the commercials sucked.


And that my friends is reason number one why you can cancel your “Save The Date” flyers for next year’s party where the closest of your casual acquaintances raid your fridge for more free beer.


Outside of the game itself, there was no difference between this game and the games played over the last twenty weeks or so.


The hype, on the other hand, was flatulent.  It was big on sound and smell and lacking in substance.


Reason number two.


According to the Mayans, all bets are off at the end of this year.  There will be no Super Bowl next year because there will be no next year.



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