The Big Game ReCap

In a year when the NFC East generally sucked and teams like Green Bay and New Orleans spent time running the table on its opponents, I find it disheartening that the Giants won last night.


That’s all I have to say about that.


A few years ago, Budweiser ran a commercial of a young couple preparing for a horse drawn sleigh ride.  The young man gave the lady a candle to hold, and as he was making his final preparations, the horse got a little gassy.  When the camera came back to the lady, her face was smoldering, her hair was blown back, and the candle had been extinguished.  Next to some of last years Doritos commercials, I had never laughed so hard at a Super Bowl commercial before.


Budweiser obviously found  nothing funny this year as they chose to focus on the banning of prohibition instead.  Meanwhile, I sat there drinking Fat Tire.


Bridgestone had a couple of good ones, and Doritos had one that I can remember.


Note to Super Bowl advertisers.  If you’re going to show us duds, let us know.  I had to pee.


Regarding the half time show.




What can I say that hasn’t been said already?


My original impression was that she nailed it and overall did a good job by keeping things to her own genre without dragging good rock music into the muck and mire of pop.


Elaborate productions combined with the right song choices and lip syncing tend to come off that way.


Just sayin’.

Randy Tharp

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