My New SES

It would seem that I’m rich.


Imagine my surprise.


For several years, the filing of my annual taxes served as the equivalent of a February Bonus.  The year 2012 marks a turn in that path.  When I did my taxes yesterday using software that even a Treasury Secretary could handle, I was informed that I will owe.


Its a relatively small amount, but even still the issue irks me a little.


My income for the most part was the same as it was in 2010.  In essence, there were no capital gains on the lottery investments I made throughout the year.


And then I lost one of my child tax credits because the kid was 17 by the end of the year.


I’ll have to dig through previous years’ returns to determine if that’s been changed recently.




As near as I can tell, I’m guessing I crossed into a new income bracket and am now being expected to pay my “fair share”.


Whata buncha Streep.


On a side note, I received a note from Dad (Thor) last night about the birthday tribute.  Turns out he wasn’t born in Roswell, but he did live there as a young Viking.  I guess that’s why I said he was born in Roswell proper, which generally meant Roswell and it’s surrounding area.


Roswell proper (click to enlarge the map)

McAmy, Texas, the reported birthplace of Dad, is what I’m guessing to be part of Roswell, New Mexico proper.


He also reminded me that “Tharp” had been misspelled on his birth certificate.  As a result, he was inducted into the Army (where he would learn how to make SOS) as Thor Edward Thorp.


Too bad I forgot that part when I wrote the tribute.

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    1. I would like to think that here on my website where only about a quarter (at best) of what I write bares any truth whatsoever, that I have the freedom to play it loose with the spelling and grammar.

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