Important News You Need To Know

Good news.


My Uverse is back up to par and is running at full expectations.


I’ll give you a moment to calm yourself and come down from the mirthful elation you’re experiencing right now.


You good?




Whether you’re aware of it or not, Tharpster.Org in its infancy was produced from Google Chrome. At one point I made some minor changes on the look of the site and a few other things, and bam, I couldn’t access the site on anything but Internet Explorer.


It drove your favorite blogger nuts. Not as nuts as typing these posts out on my phone, but you can imagine my frustration.


A few months ago it all started with a periodic need to reboot the DVR. We could deal with that.  Shortly thereafter, my iPhone lost its ability to stay connected to the WIfi. After troubleshooting that issue mercilessly, I took it to the Apple store where I explained my situation to the young gentlemen donning a blue tshirt, ear peircings the size of the lug nuts on my truck, and about the ugliest pair of glasses designed to make military issue birth control glasses look pretty darn sexy.


After he exhausted all of the tools and expertise ascribed to him as a “Genius”, he generally said; “Screw it. We’ll give you a new phone.”




I took it home and rebuilt the personalization on it. I reloaded all of the apps and placed them in the assorted folders. I also assigned that picture of my two dogs um… watering the lawn as my wallpaper.


For the record, it’s wallpaper and not a screensaver. They’re two different things. Stop confusing them.


Fortunately, the new phone picked up the Wifi and all was kinda right In my world.


Save for the DVR.


Stupid piece of junk dumped all of the movies I had recorded on those free movie channel weekends.


Bad DVR! I’m going to rub your nose in that!


Finally, after several calls to AT&T, they sent a tech out who determined that the DVR and the gateway (router thingy) were “all jacked up” (his words, not mine).

After summoning the necessary vocabulary and elocution to describe our predicament, he replaced both units.


Things are working beautifully now.


I can use different browsers now to upload pure crap to the internet. In the meantime, I have an iPhone that didn’t need to be replaced.


Yet still, I find myself fighting the keys on the bottom of my virtual keyboard and how my phone thinks I’m hitting the space bar instead of actual letters.


In other news, there was a report on the news tonight that more and more people in the 18-35 year age range are taking their smart phones to the bathroom on a regular basis.


Just sayin’.

Randy Tharp

TharpSter is a husband to one woman, a father to two kids, a master to two dogs, an occasional cubical occupant, and unable to make up his mind on an adequate theme for this website.

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