Monkeys, Knives, Super Heros, & Really Cool Pictures Lifted From The Internet

I don’t really have anything of substantive value hidden in today’s entry.


Yeah, yeah.  I know.


I rarely do.


Recently at the auxiliary office, discussions happened within the conspiratorial gaggle in which I participate on a “per hour” basis on who was going to shepherd the next project.


After we determined who had five minutes left over in a given week, it then came down to making the final decision.


I’d tell you who “won”, but it would be non-conducive to the direction of this post.


We didn’t flip quarters, play eeny-meeny, or draw straws.


Instead, we resorted to other methods of allowing the universe, chaos math, karma, and a couple of monkeys to help us out.

In posting this picture, it occurs to me that the GOP nomination process will most likely resemble the events portrayed in this piece, which most likely deserves to hang over any American mantle.

Randy Tharp

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