Faith & The Impossible Chicken

Hhmmmmmm. Where’s he going with this one?

For some of you, the title pretty much sums it up. For others, not so much.

I could go into an awe inspiring bit on how I’m of the belief that one of the most poignant, hard hitting sermons ever, was delivered by a rooster.

But I won’t. It’s not my own material, and Lord knows I’m not interested in participating in too much piracy here on the Internet

Instead, I’ll just babble a bit about a dog and a ringtone if you don’t mind.

Have you ever heard of “Chicken Impossible”?

Of course you have.

For those of you who haven’t heard of “Chicken Impossible”, it’s pretty much what you would expect it to be. Chickens clucking out the theme to “Mission Impossible”.

For whatever reason I can’t remember, I possess a copy of that ringtone within my iTunes library. It’s subsequently made it’s way on to Juniorette’s phone.

And it’s that little tidbit, ladies and gentlemen, which brings you here today.

With the recent arrival of the TharpSter 4S and subsequent passing along of the TharpSter 3GS to my daughter, a new dynamic has made itself known in the compound in the last week or so.

Somewhere between 5:30 am and 6:00 am on any given school day, Juniorette has set the alarm on her iPhone to go off. The tune she uses is “Chicken Impossible”.

Juniorette is either a hard sleeper or very stubborn, because it’s very rare that the alarm gets turned off within a matter of seconds. She lets it go for awhile.

The first time it happened, the noise from down the hall sent our high strung lab-jack Faith into a nervous tizzy which resulted in obsessive pacing, clinging, and shaking. All of those pieces, of course were just complementary to the WTF look on her face when it happened. It’s happened a few more times since then with the same result.

Faith already has a veritable medicine cabinet of things which torment her out in the backyard between the stray cats (they reunited) and the taunting squirrels. Judging by her bark when it happens, it probably doesn’t help that Junior and I tend to ambush each other with Nerf Guns.

But now, that poor dog has the featured star from tomorrow night’s dinner messing with her under delusions of grandeur that it’s poultry born espionage has a noble cause.

Looking back on it all, maybe it would have been better to discuss Matthew 26:74-75 instead.

Randy Tharp

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