The GOP Rope-A-Dope

Even though this is a four man race, the crop of contenders for the Republican nomination boils down to what I expect will be a bloody brawl between Newton and Mittens.

In the past, South Carolina has served as a tie breaker for the winner of the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary.

With the expectation that Ron Paul won’t win the next one, the tie breaker challenge now moves to Florida.

I would really like to think the White House strategists are imbibing in a whole buncha plop plop fizz fizz right now.

All of that work they’ve done to put their candidate in the spotlight over the last three years has started to deconstruct.

Understand of course the White House backed candidate I’m talking about would be one Mitt Romney. They would love to run a campaign against him with the expectation they would wipe the floor with his flip floppery right into a second term.

I honestly believe the White House had additional motives in mind when they called Mitt’s crew in a few years ago to discuss the individual mandate and the implementation of Obamacare.

But now, the tide has turned in an interesting manner. Newt and his Super PAC went all apeshit on Romney this month demonizing the venture capitalism which has put a good chunk of change in Romney’s pocket.

It would almost seem to be another execution of Operation Chaos, which was the effort used during the 2008 primaries to keep things going in hopes of vetting out the eventual winner or that particular race.  Here, the thought is to put Mitt under more scrutiny.

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul remain irrelevant in this race, regardless of their respective strengths.

Vote Responsibly Y’all.



Randy Tharp

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