Goodwill To All

Geez O Petes! Sometimes these things just write themselves.


One of the sixth grade teachers I had as a younger tyke used to say the first part of that exclamation on a regular basis. The man looked like John Ritter with a streak of ginger.


I wonder what ever happened to that guy.


Speaking of whatever happened to that guy, let’s talk about György Gaál. Did you know that he made the kessel run in 11 parsecs?


Sure it was a long time ago, but not as long ago as when  some cargo ship did it in 12 parsecs.


Even more notable was that our boy György managed to get himself immortalized by some painter.


That, ladies and gentlemen, is what brings you here today. It would seem that Junior was given an assignment to recreate that particular painting.


Why, you ask?


I’ve got no earthly clue short of suggesting that one of his teachers has an evil streak.


In order to recreate the wardrobe featured in the painting, Junior and I made a trip today to a high end fashion outlet and spared no expense less than $8 to complete the ensemble.


I’ve written about the establishment before, and continue to find some of my favorite loungewear there.


Go ahead.


Guess how close I came to purchasing this little gem while at the Goodwill Store today in order to ramp up my access to free roast beef sandwiches.



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