The Bain Of Our Existence

Item #1 – A few weeks ago, I saw a recently released (or leaked, I don’t know) trailer to the new Batman movie which will come out this summer.  It’s called Dark Knight Rises, and it generally looks pretty cool.


Of course the trailer looks cool.  That’s what trailers are supposed to do.  Put butts in theaters to see what usually boils down to 90 to 120 minutes of squirrels bumpin’ uglies in a cage; cinematic quality be damned.


In this particular trailer, the audience is dealt a sample of the  level of evil which resides in this episode’s bad guy.  His name is Bane.

Bane appears to be a badass in this movie.


Item #2 – The establishment choice for the Republican nomination this year has a stint of venture capitalism on his resume.  When Bain Capital was formed, Mitt Romney was the head honcho.  I haven’t done enough personal research on them, and anything I’ve seen or heard about them comes from Romney critics.


I’m reserving judgment until I have balanced information.  Generally speaking, any entity which endeavors to grow business without the use of taxpayer funded subsidies can’t be all that bad.    Those of you who may trumpet the mantra that greed is evil are doing nothing but quoting speaking points without the benefit of critical thought and analysis.


Just sayin’.


This summer, we will seen Bane on the big screen and what could most likely be a Romney nomination.


Is there any doubt in your mind that we are just a matter of months away from Mitt Romney being compared to a Batman bad guy?


Randy Tharp

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